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High Voltage DC Power Supply Operating Power Supply


High-voltage DC power supply, also known as DC high-voltage power supply, is a power supply that is input by AC power or three-phase power and output by DC voltage of thousands of volts or tens of thousands of volts or more. The output power is from hundreds to thousands of watts, which can be stabilized or stabilized.

In the past, DC high-voltage power supply transformed AC power supply or three-phase power supply from power-frequency high-voltage transformer to AC high-voltage power supply, and then rectified and filtered to obtain DC high-voltage power. Because of the low frequency, the volume and weight of the power supply are relatively large, and the conversion efficiency and stability are poor. With the development and maturity of switching power supply technology, high-frequency switching technology combined with the characteristics of high-voltage power supply has become the mainstream of high-voltage DC power supply.

HVDC power supply is mainly used in substations, switching stations, ring cabinets and box substations. It provides reliable DC for primary switchgear (vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors, load switches, etc.) and secondary control, protection and signal circuits (such as computer protection, remote control unit RTU, load control device, indicator lamp, analog indicator, intelligent instrument, etc.). Streaming power.

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