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How to select the power supply according to the device environment?


With the rapid development of science and technology, power supply is more and more widely used. Jinan Langrui Electric tells you how to choose the right power supply according to the device environment.

Selection of protective structure of power supply according to device environment

Firstly, environmental temperature, humidity, dust, acidity and alkalinity, corrosive gas and other factors should be considered. The protection structure of power supply should be suitable for its installation environment. This is closely related to the long-term, safe and reliable operation of the power supply.

Secondly, choosing a certain brand and the power supply guaranteed in quality can be said to be interoperable between brand and quality. Brand is the guarantee of product quality. Therefore, after choosing the power supply with brand advantage, we choose quality, which can not only safeguard our rights and interests as consumers, but also ensure the service life and usability of power supply in a certain form. It's windy.

Thirdly, choose the power supply with after-sales service system. If there is a problem with the power supply purchased, the importance of after-sales service is shown.

When choosing the power supply (the type of power supply), we must pay attention to the input power supply voltage, frequency, output power, load characteristics and so on. In addition, the matching degree between the power supply and the corresponding motor should be taken into account so as to give full play to the advantages of energy saving and stability of the power supply and single-phase power supply and ensure the operation of the equipment.

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