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Usage of High Voltage Switching Operating Power Supply


High-voltage switching operation power supply is a special power supply designed for the inspection and maintenance of high-voltage circuit breakers and their operating mechanisms. It has the advantages of adjustable voltage, simple operation, small size and easy to carry. It is an indispensable detection tool for high-voltage switching maintenance.

1. The wiring method for testing the starting voltage of high voltage switch opening (closing) is shown in the figure (1)

2. Testing the low closing voltage of high-voltage switch: after the housing is grounded and the power supply is switched on, adjust the voltage to a small level, press the closing button and turn the voltage regulating knob to make the voltage rise slowly. When the high-voltage switch is switched on, the voltage value indicated by the voltmeter is the low closing voltage.

3. Testing low-switching voltage of high-voltage switch: Press the switch button, the other operation steps are the same as testing low-switching voltage. When the switch is separated, the voltage indicated by the voltmeter is low-switching voltage.

4. When the output power of the high-voltage switch tester is used, the wiring method is as follows (2) After the chassis is grounded, the power supply can be switched on to the set voltage value.

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