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Anshengtong (Tianjin) High Voltage Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 20 Huaming Avenue, Dongli District, Tianjin, with high voltage power supply as its core industry.

R&D and production of nearly 1,000 kinds of high voltage power supply, constant current power supply, pulse power supply and other military and civilian dual-purpose power supply products.

The application fields cover military industry, aviation, aerospace, weapons, airborne, radar, ships, communications, scientific research and instruments, industrial control and other fields.


There's a concept called "Technology Services, Compliance and Compliance"

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Enterprise concept

We adhere to the principle of "quality, credibility and service" is the lifeline of our survival! Enterprise philosophy, treat every customer, every product sincerely. Take "science and technology service, abide by the contract" as the company management concept. Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide customers with quality, professional technical services.

We have a vigorous, active and innovative professional team, in which more than 60% of the total number of employees are professionals and above. They are the mainstay of our R&D team, and 30% of the total employees are technicians, which guarantees the company's R&D.

We always take R&D, design and manufacture of high-precision and high-level high-voltage power supply as our main goal, and take expanding the domestic market share and opening up the international market as the development direction. We adhere to the business philosophy of people-oriented, customer-centered, market-oriented and innovation-oriented, rely on science and technology, based on scientific, rigorous and pragmatic management, based on the principles of standardization, standardization, rationalization and high efficiency, and strive to build a modern enterprise system so as to be among the world's advanced scientific and technological enterprises as soon as possible.

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Addressn:No. 174 Jintang Road, Hedong District, Tianjin City (junction of Jintang Road and Telex Road) next to No. 2 Bridge Subway Station

Shengtong an (tianjin) high voltage power technology co. LTD